Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall is a great time of year to do some basic tree care and maintenance. A little hard work now could pay off next spring! Garden centers like ours can help you with all of you fall tree care needs and answer any questions you have. Read on for more fall tree care tips from one of the best garden centers in Lancaster PA!

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!

Mulching your trees now can help them retain water. Plus, mulch helps to reduce temperature extremes in the soil. Blanketing your trees’ roots with mulch gives them a little extra protection from the cold weather.

Water Your Trees

It might sound counter-intuitive, but watering your trees in the winter can be a good thing. Just be sure you don’t do it when the outdoor air temperatures are below freezing. Make sure the soil and tree aren’t frozen either. Try to water your trees on a mild day.

Plant Now

Fall is also the best time of year to plant new trees! As one of the area’s most trusted garden centers, when you visit us, we can recommend the best trees for this area and our climate and soil. We can also give you tips on how to plant them to give them the best chance of growing and living a long life!


Garden centers differ on if pruning in the fall is a good idea. Either way, now is a good time to at least remove dead, diseased or damaged tree limbs. Flowering trees will need a light prune, so just get rid of the parts that are dead. Doing this now can help the tree with next spring’s flower production.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Local Garden Center

When you want to plant a garden or maintain the one you already have, you have several choices about where to get gardening supplies, seeds and other gardening-related items. So where do you go? The national chain or the smaller local garden center? As a garden center serving Strasburg, we have a few suggestions on why choosing a smaller garden center is your best bet.

For one thing, employees at a local garden center are more familiar with your area’s unique climate and soil. The employees are more likely to recommend plants, trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables that will thrive in your area. Plus, they are better in tune with your area’s weather. So if your area is prone to getting more rain during the fall, the employees at the garden center will know this and will be able to suggest plants that will survive (and thrive!) during the rainy season.

Employees at a local garden center are generally more knowledgeable about specific plants too. Sometimes, the bigger stores hire people because they are short staffed or just need to fill those jobs. So, while those folks are good at what they do, they might not know everything about local plants like the employees at a garden center. Also, employees at a garden center can probably spend more time with you and answer all of your gardening questions. That level of customer service is sometimes hard to get at the larger big box stores.

Plus, buying from a local garden center means you are putting money back into your area’s local economy. So that means you get the gardening supplies you want and need, but you can also feel good knowing you are giving back in some way to your local community’s economy.

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