Good Night, Garden! Preparing Your Plants for Winter

It’s nearly winter, so it’s time to think about putting your garden to bed for the cold months. Plants will naturally prepare themselves for the dormant season, but there are several things you can do to help them get through the winter and survive till next spring. Visit our garden center near Strasburg for more details, but in the meantime, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Snow: Your Garden’s Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Snow can help to insulate the soil, much like mulch does. But when the snow builds up on tree branches, it can cause them to break. Take a few minutes to go from tree to tree and knock the snow off of the branches. Start at the bottom and work your way up. That way, the snow you knock off the top branches won’t add to the snow that is already on the bottom branches. If your trees are covered in ice, leave them alone. Let the ice melt on its own.

Preparing Perennials

The first thing you want to do to get your perennials ready for winter is to cut back the dry stems to the soil level. Remove any insect eggs you encounter too. Cut any parts that are brown and dead so the new growth has room to grow next spring.

Mow Your Lawn

This is one warm weather chore we bet you won’t miss! But give your lawn one last mow. Make sure your mower’s blades are at a low height setting and mow your lawn. Be sure to drain the fuel from your lawnmower after you’re done so you can store it safely for the winter!

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The Benefits of Choosing a Local Garden Center

When you want to plant a garden or maintain the one you already have, you have several choices about where to get gardening supplies, seeds and other gardening-related items. So where do you go? The national chain or the smaller local garden center? As a garden center serving Strasburg, we have a few suggestions on why choosing a smaller garden center is your best bet.

For one thing, employees at a local garden center are more familiar with your area’s unique climate and soil. The employees are more likely to recommend plants, trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables that will thrive in your area. Plus, they are better in tune with your area’s weather. So if your area is prone to getting more rain during the fall, the employees at the garden center will know this and will be able to suggest plants that will survive (and thrive!) during the rainy season.

Employees at a local garden center are generally more knowledgeable about specific plants too. Sometimes, the bigger stores hire people because they are short staffed or just need to fill those jobs. So, while those folks are good at what they do, they might not know everything about local plants like the employees at a garden center. Also, employees at a garden center can probably spend more time with you and answer all of your gardening questions. That level of customer service is sometimes hard to get at the larger big box stores.

Plus, buying from a local garden center means you are putting money back into your area’s local economy. So that means you get the gardening supplies you want and need, but you can also feel good knowing you are giving back in some way to your local community’s economy.

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