January Gardening Tips

It’s winter, so you might not be thinking about your garden or taking a trip to our garden center near Mt Joy. But there are still several gardening and landscaping chores you can do, even during the frigidly cold months. Here are a few winter care tips for your garden, lawn and landscaping.

Take the time to clean your clay pots. You can scrub them with steel wool, and you can soak them overnight in a solution of one gallon of water mixed with one cup of vinegar. After they are done soaking, scrub them and let them air dry.

Your indoor houseplants need more TLC than regular water and sunlight. About once a week, take a soft cloth and dust the leaves. This will allow the leaves to soak in more sunlight, and it could help them grow better. If you are in need of some new plants for your garden, you can visit our garden center to see what we have in stock!

As for your garden and outdoor plants and trees, keep an eye on them as winter progresses. Make sure you brush off any snow or ice that accumulates on them after an ice or snow storm. If you see any limbs that were damaged by the snow or ice, be sure to prune them so the bark does not tear.

Then take a look around your garden and landscaping. Do you have anything you would like to change for this spring? Maybe you want to plant something new? Then take the time to visit our garden center. We can answer your questions about your gardening concerns, and we can also let you know if the plant or tree you have in mind will thrive in your garden or yard this spring.

Avoid de-icers and use sand or kitty litter for traction when it is icy out. De-icers, if they get on your grass or plants, will kill them. You can keep this from happening by switching to a safer material.

Finally, set aside a notebook to keep track of your garden this spring and summer. You can note which plants grow the best and where they grow the best. You can make a list of supplies and seeds you would like to purchase from our garden center, and you can also keep track of any other questions you might have for us!

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Winter Garden Tips

Just because it is winter, that does not mean you should neglect your garden and landscaping! As a garden center serving Lititz and the surrounding areas, we know firsthand that maintaining your garden during the cold months makes it easier to maintain during the warm months. Here are a few of our favorite tips.

  • After Christmas is over, don’t just toss out your Christmas tree! Take it outside and leave it for the birds. Anchor the tree in a bucket of damp sand. Then string your tree with cranberries and popcorn. You can also spread peanut butter on pinecones and then dip them in bird seed and hang them up on the tree. This is a great way to attract some lovely birds to your yard and give them some extra shelter and nourishment.
  • If you compost, make sure that the refuse is not infested with insects or other pests. If it is, throw it out and do not add it to your compost pile.
  • If you have plant containers that are made of ceramic, clay or cast stone, bring them indoors or make sure they don’t have any soil in them. If soil is left in the containers, the soil could freeze and expand and damage or break the containers.
  • Make sure you keep up with mulching. If you are unsure of what type of mulch you should use, visit our garden center to learn more. You can mulch your perennial plants after the ground is frozen.
  • If you have any plants that are growing underneath the evergreens on your property, make sure they are watered. You might forget about this chore if we get a lot of snow and precipitation this winter, so be sure not to neglect these plants.
  • After we get snow or ice, do not walk on your yard. This could cause your grass blades to break and cause dieback that will show when the weather warms up. Try to keep your pets off of the grass too, if possible.
  • Make sure you water your newly planted evergreens if the ground is not frozen.

We hope these gardening tips help keep your plants and landscaping looking great during the winter months! And if you have any questions, just visit our garden center.

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Good Night, Garden! Preparing Your Plants for Winter

It’s nearly winter, so it’s time to think about putting your garden to bed for the cold months. Plants will naturally prepare themselves for the dormant season, but there are several things you can do to help them get through the winter and survive till next spring. Visit our garden center near Strasburg for more details, but in the meantime, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Snow: Your Garden’s Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Snow can help to insulate the soil, much like mulch does. But when the snow builds up on tree branches, it can cause them to break. Take a few minutes to go from tree to tree and knock the snow off of the branches. Start at the bottom and work your way up. That way, the snow you knock off the top branches won’t add to the snow that is already on the bottom branches. If your trees are covered in ice, leave them alone. Let the ice melt on its own.

Preparing Perennials

The first thing you want to do to get your perennials ready for winter is to cut back the dry stems to the soil level. Remove any insect eggs you encounter too. Cut any parts that are brown and dead so the new growth has room to grow next spring.

Mow Your Lawn

This is one warm weather chore we bet you won’t miss! But give your lawn one last mow. Make sure your mower’s blades are at a low height setting and mow your lawn. Be sure to drain the fuel from your lawnmower after you’re done so you can store it safely for the winter!

Do you need more suggestions on how to prepare your garden for winter? Visit our garden center near Strasburg or call us at 717-898-0041 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

The Perks of Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are popular at many Millersville homes. Not only do they add color to your landscaping, but they also come back year after year, which makes them pretty low maintenance. Root’s Nurseries sells a variety of these plants, and here are a few reasons we love them so much.

Slow and Steady

Perennial plants take some time to establish roots and grow. So if you were to plant some tomorrow, you probably wouldn’t see them bloom until next spring or even next fall. But not to worry! Those roots are growing deeply into the soil, building a root system that can get to water and nutrients that their annual counterparts cannot reach. This doesn’t just help the perennial plants grow better and with less maintenance on your part. It also helps to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion.

Speaking of Deep Roots

The deep root system of perennial plants helps them to adapt better to extreme weather and environmental conditions. And because they grow so slowly, they use a smaller amount of nutrients over a longer period of time as compared to annual plants. In cold climates like here in Pennsylvania during the winter months, perennial plants will go dormant and stop growing. When spring comes around again, they will resume growing earlier than annuals because perennials have already established that deep root system.

Examples of Perennial Plants

If you go outside and look around, we guarantee you will see perennial plants. Trees are a great example of perennials. Perennials help stabilize ecosystems, like forests, and in that way, they help sustain wildlife. And thanks again to their deep roots, they don’t require as much fertilizer and water, which also helps keep Mother Earth healthy and happy.

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Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall is a great time of year to do some basic tree care and maintenance. A little hard work now could pay off next spring! Garden centers like ours can help you with all of you fall tree care needs and answer any questions you have. Read on for more fall tree care tips from one of the best garden centers in Lancaster PA!

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!

Mulching your trees now can help them retain water. Plus, mulch helps to reduce temperature extremes in the soil. Blanketing your trees’ roots with mulch gives them a little extra protection from the cold weather.

Water Your Trees

It might sound counter-intuitive, but watering your trees in the winter can be a good thing. Just be sure you don’t do it when the outdoor air temperatures are below freezing. Make sure the soil and tree aren’t frozen either. Try to water your trees on a mild day.

Plant Now

Fall is also the best time of year to plant new trees! As one of the area’s most trusted garden centers, when you visit us, we can recommend the best trees for this area and our climate and soil. We can also give you tips on how to plant them to give them the best chance of growing and living a long life!


Garden centers differ on if pruning in the fall is a good idea. Either way, now is a good time to at least remove dead, diseased or damaged tree limbs. Flowering trees will need a light prune, so just get rid of the parts that are dead. Doing this now can help the tree with next spring’s flower production.

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